How to learn business English

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How to learn business English

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If you are a professional looking to improve your business English, consider incorporating these into your learning plan:

Set specific goals.
Learning is best achieved by setting specific goals that are challenging but achievable. One thing that will help you on your journey is to set a very specific and clear goal, such as: I want to be able to comfortably deliver a ten-minute presentation sales presentation in English, by the end of the year.

Create habits.
Find ways to practice English regularly every week. Consistent effort creates positive learning habits. For instance, try to read novels or news articles on your day off. Try not to make this a boring task. Get creative: read the English version of your favorite book, or start a new Harvey such as up join an English cooking class.

Use authentic materials in English.

Textbooks and practice tests are great for the classroom. But authentic materials, like TV shows, novels, and TED talks, expose you to English in its natural habitat. They prepare you better for real-life situations and are often more entertaining than strictly educational materials. Exposure to authentic materials not only helps with language proficiency but can also enhance your knowledge of a particular field.

Join a class.
There are many advantages of having an effective teacher and supportive learning community. Teachers help students set achievable goals and overcome the barriers that they inevitably encounter. Supportive classmates provide support and can be a good resource for overcoming barriers.

Online tutor:
Finding an online tutor and online tutor can be invaluable to your journey. They can set you on the right path in terms of materials and also customise your learning approach for your particular needs and learning style. If you’re interested in finding a tutor please complete the form below:

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